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Contact Aleta Taylor  Aleta Taylor Principal
Contact Maricela Williams  Maricela Williams Assistant Principal
Contact Daniel Yoon  Daniel Yoon Assistant Principal of Special Education
Contact Arlene Cox  Arlene Cox Senior Office Tech
Contact Nichelle Miller  Nichelle Miller School Administrative Assistant
Contact Rosalind Owens  Rosalind Owens Plant Manager
Contact Shikema Simmiolkjier  Shikema Simmiolkjier Cafeteria Manager
Social Emotional Counseling
Contact Delissa Ables  Delissa Ables Psychiatric Social Worker
Special education
Contact Victoria Findley  Victoria Findley School Psych-1 day
Contact Nashana Wright  Nashana Wright Speech and Language
Attendance Counselors (PSA)
Contact Michael Bonsynat  Michael Bonsynat Kinder-2 day
Contact Monica Chinlund  Monica Chinlund Kinder-1 day
Contact Nagel Flores  Nagel Flores All grades-1 day
Contact Linda Jebo  Linda Jebo Library Aide-Part-time

Faculty and Staff

Contact Alyssa Anderson  Alyssa Anderson Teacher
Contact Teri Anderson  Teri Anderson Teacher
Contact Alvaro Hernandez  Alvaro Hernandez Teacher
Contact Lisa Robinson  Lisa Robinson Teacher
First Grade
Contact Theresa Allen  Theresa Allen Teacher
Contact Kerry Shakir  Kerry Shakir Teacher
Contact Wendy Stern  Wendy Stern Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Tamika Austin  Tamika Austin Teacher
Contact Linda Mar  Linda Mar Teacher
Contact Sylvia Middleton  Sylvia Middleton Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Francesca Boro  Francesca Boro Teacher
Contact Shelley Elsey  Shelley Elsey Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Max Batres  Max Batres Teacher
Contact Belen Coronado  Belen Coronado Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Albert Cortez  Albert Cortez Teacher
Contact Cheryl Fabien  Cheryl Fabien Teacher
Special Education
Contact De Onna Martin  De Onna Martin Teacher
Contact Sarah Rogers  Sarah Rogers Teacher
Contact Yolanda Turner  Yolanda Turner Teacher
Contact Craig Douglas  Craig Douglas Teacher
Contact Victoria Sevdayan  Victoria Sevdayan Teacher